Ducktales Comic Volume
Rightful Owners SC
Rightful Owners SC
Volume Front Cover
Volume # 1
Pages 100
Creative Team
Interior Artist(s) Leonel Castellani, José Massaroli, Magic Eye Studios
Author(s) Warren Spector
Volume Guide
Publication Order
First Volume in Series
Dangerous Currency
(W) Warren Spector (A) Leonel Castellani, José Massaroli, Magic Eye Studios The hit Disney Afternoon TV show makes a splash this month with the first all new collection of Rightful Owners. Written by the creator of the Epic Mickey video game, Warren Spector, and illustrated by Marvel Super Hero Squad artist Leonel Castellani, Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad, and the gang jet set to the sites of McDuck's most infamous adventures to return his whisked away wealth and take on some restless natives along the way!

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