Drake Von Vladstone, otherwise known by his nickname Count Dracula Duck, is the final boss in the NES DuckTales video game as well as its remake, DuckTales: Remastered.

DuckTales (NES)Edit

In the original NES game, after beating all of the levels, the treasures obtained by Scrooge McDuck would be stolen. The player would return to the Transylvania stage, known in the game as "Dracula Duck Manor" to face off against Dracula Duck. He has only one attack where he sends bats after Scrooge, which Scrooge must pogo jump off of in order to reach Dracula Duck's head. After he is defeated, Magica De Spell and Flintheart Glomgold appear, and race Scrooge to the treasure on top of a pillar.

DuckTales: RemasteredEdit

Dracula Duck's background was expanded in the Remastered version of the game, revealing his name to be Drake Von Vladstone. At the beginning of the game, the Beagle Boys break their way into Scrooge's money bin, targeting a portrait of Drake Von Vladstone that Scrooge recently purchased. The portrait reveals the location of five secret treasures, among them the Coin of the Lost Realm.

Scrooge, along with Huey, Louie, Dewey and Webby, head to Transylvania to search for the coin. The stage takes place in a castle that was once owned by Drake Von Vladstone, known then by his nickname "Count Dracula Duck". When the boys get lost in the castle, Scrooge battles the Beagle Boys to get them back, and discovers Magica De Spell is behind the events. She is also after the coin, but Scrooge emerges victorious.

When all of the treasures are collected, Glomgold and the Beagle Boys take the nephews hostage in exchange for the five treasures. However, Magica De Spell suddenly appears and reveals the treasures are all part of a spell to summon Dracula Duck, whose powers will help her take over the world. She steals the treasures and kidnaps Scrooge's nephews, and tells him to come to Mt. Vesuvius with his Number One Dime if he wants to see them again. After she disposes the Beagle Boys, Scrooge and Glomgold team up and go after her.

Unlike the original game, Scrooge does not revisit Transylvania to fight the final boss. Instead, a new stage for the game, Mt. Vesuvius, is where the final battle takes place. After Glomgold steals the Number One Dime, Scrooge realizes he was in cahoots with Magica the whole time. Magica reveals that she was the one who sold Scrooge the portrait of Vladstone in the first place, in disguise and at a discount price, as part of a plan to have him retrieve the treasures for her. She refuses to set the boys free, and summons Dracula Duck to do her bidding. Controlling him like a puppet, she has him attack Scrooge.

While the final boss fight in the original game was one-on-one, Magica plays a large part in the battle in the Remastered version, throwing ingredients into her cauldron that changes Vladstone into a giant, a legion of bats, and a fire-breathing dragon. He is only vulnerable when performing his attack from the original game. In the original NES game, the regular boss music was played when fighting him. Remastered has a new theme exclusive to the fight which is a remix of the Transylvania stage theme. When played with the 8-bit music option on, the standard NES boss theme plays in its place, unlike the stages with new music that also feature new 8-bit renditions. Vladstone does not have any lines of dialogue, only making growls, groans and evil laughter throughout the battle.

When defeated, the vampire Duck turns into stone and then breaks apart into dust, while Magica escapes. The place begins to fall apart, and with the boys rescued, Scrooge heads after Glomgold and Magica to retrieve his Number One Dime in a similar fashion of the original game.

Dracula Duck's artwork can be purchased in the game's Character Art Gallery.

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