Fenton Crackshell




Ms Crackshell

First Appearnce

Danger rides on Dark wings

Last Appearnce

Dangerous Currency, Part 4

Fenton Crackshell is the civilian alter ego of Gizmo Duck. He signed on to be Scrooge's accountant. Fenton stumbled on to the Gizmo Duck suit and activated it by saying Blathering Blatherskite. Only Scrooge, Gyro, and Fenton's Mother Mrs Crackshell are priviliged to know that Fenton is Gizmo Duck. Fenton is romantically involved with Gandra Dee.

Ducktales/Drakwing Duck Comics 2011Edit

In Dangerous Currency he was kidnapped by Magica De Spell and he was eventually rescued by Scrooge, Darkwing, Gyro, and his mother.

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