Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard is Darkwing's cute, athletic, spunky, spirited and tomboyishly beautiful 9 year old adopted daughter. She was orphaned when her grandfather Professor Waddlemeyer died. Gosalyn was eventually adopted by Drake Mallard (Darkwing's alter ego). Knowing her father's secret identity she too has occaisionally donned a costume and became a super hero. First she was known as the Crimson Quackette then She was Quiverwing Quack and most recently She was Gozmoduck (That's Gosalyn in the Gizmoduck Suit).

Ducktales/Darkwing Duck Comics 2011Edit

Gosalyn kept the Gizmo Duck Suit until Dangerous Currency when Fenton Crackshell got his Gizmoduck Suit back. Gosalyn's best friend is Honker Muddlefoot. He sometimes goes with her on Darkwing's adventures despite him telling not to go along.

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