Grandma Duck
Grandma duck


The Duck family

First Appearance

Dangerous Currency, Part 4

Last Appearance

Dangerous Currency, Part 4

Grandma Duck is Donald Duck's Grandmother. She first appeared in The Donald Duck Comic Strip in August 11, 1940. She is the matriarch of the Duck Family. Her first name is Elvira and she was a Coot by Birth. Her father is Clinton Coot the founder of the Junior Woodchucks, Her grandfather is Cornelius Coot the founder of Duckburg and her brother is Casey Coot the guy who sold Scrooge McDuck the land where his Money Bin now stands. She married Dabney Humperdink Duck and they had 3 children who include Quackmore Duck (Donald's Father), Daphne Duck (Gladstone's Mother) and Eider Duck (Fethry's Father). She made a cameo appearance in Dangerous Currency as one of the citizens who fought back the slime.

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