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1st Wiki QuoteEdit

Dewey: "That sure is a nice looking coat"
Louie: "Nice as ice, Dewey"
Huey: "Yeah Unca Scrooge likes gold as much as anyone, but even he couldn't wear it!"
Scrooge: "That's right boys. Gold can warm yer heart, but not yer body. Imagine my surprise when I found that out."
Scrooge and the boys[src]

2nd Wiki QuoteEdit

Scrooge: "If you are going to make an antitode,Gyro, you will need the real thing to start with."
Darkwing Duck: "What? You old fool!You doomed us all!"
Darkwing Duck: "You 've seen what it does!"
Scrooge: "I've seen what it does in the hands of villains! In this world, there are people and commodities. A commodity is only a threat when it's in the hands of the wrong people"
Scrooge and Darkwing Duck[src]

3rd Wiki QuoteEdit