Taurus Bulba is a criminal kingpin who killed Gosalyn's Grandfather.  He first appeared in the Darkwing Duck pilot episode Darkly Dawns the Duck where he hired three other criminals named Hammerhead Hannigan, Hoof, and Mouth. He also had a secretary named Clovis and a pet condor named Tantalus.  Taurus asked his henchmen to hijack The Waddlemeyer Ramrod which was invented by Professor Waddlemeyer (Gosalyn's Grandfather).  After they stole the ramrod they attempted to kidnap Gosalyn but Darkwing foiled their plans. Eventually Taurus frames Darkwing for committing his own crime and Darkwing winds up in jail but gets sprung by Launchpad. Taurus kidnaps Gosalyn and Darkwing eventually rescues her. After that Taurus is rumored to be be dead but in the episode titled Steerminator He is resurrected by F.O.W.L. Agents Steelbeak and his eggmen but despite the fact that they want him to work for them he refused to do so insisting that he only works for himself. When Taurus remembered Darkwing he planned to get his revenge on him. He kidnapped Gosalyn and Honker and held them prisoner but Darkwing managed to rescue them despite being in a wheelchair throughout the episode.  Taurus made no more appearances in animation but he did appear in the comic book story arc titled The Duck Knight Returns in Darkwing Duck (Boom Series) #s 1-4 where he was the mysterious owner of Quackwerks.  In that story he turned into a blender which was purchased by Gyro Gearloose but later on he reverted back to his original form so to speak and stole the Gizmo Duck Suit.  Darkwing, Launchpad, and Gosalyn eventually defeated Taurus Bulba and the ownership of Quackwerks was given to Scrooge McDuck who made Launchpad the manager.  This was the last that anyone had seen of Taurus Bulba. He is voiced by Tim Curry.

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